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Drive Test for testing last between 

15-20 minutes:

Total time: 20-30minutes



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testing time; 

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772 Black Oak Dr.

Medford, Or. 97504

 DMV is not responsible for scheduling, canceling, or rescheduling

 any test. 



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Want to avoid wait times at the DMV to test 

for your Class C license?

In partnership with DMV, we are pleased to be able to conduct drive tests (behind- the-wheel) for individuals who wish to obtain their Class C Driver's License. We are 1 of 5 driving schools in Oregon authorized and certified to conduct these tests.

For Times and Locations please scroll down and view the left hand side of your screen!


Please carefully read all information below to ensure you understand our policies.  Due to the high number of applicants testing, we must adhere closely to these terms to guarantee your/other's satisfaction.  By registering for a drive, you have agreed to the terms and conditions set below, ALL OF WHICH ARE THE SAME TERMS AS THE DMV.


1.  Applicant must be 16 years of age or older at the time of the test. 

2.  Applicant must test and pass the written - knowledge test - and vision screening tests at the DMV office, prior to booking the drive test and completing the registration.

3.  An applicant under 18 years old who fails a DMV drive test must wait 28 days prior to taking another test (after the 4th failed DMV Drive Test you must wait one year before retesting).

      * Applicants over 18 must wait the following number of days to retest:

         after failed test #1 – wait 7 days,

         after failed test #2 – wait 14 days,

         after failed test #3/ #4 – wait 28 days,

         after failed test #5 – wait at least one year.

4.  An applicant may not test if their right to apply for driving privileges was revoked.

5.  Applicant under the age of 18 must hold an instructional (learner’s) permit for a minimum of six months at the time of the test. Applicants over 18 do not need a permit to test.

6.  Applicant must have current vehicle insurance, permit holder liability insurance and registration at the time of the testProof of vehicle & driver insurance will be requested by S.O.D.E. examiner at the time of the test.

7.  Payment must be made online through our PayPal system AFTER registering and calling to reserve an appointment for a drive test.  PayPal accepts debit, credit card, checks, as well as charges through personal PayPal account. 

8.  In order to guarantee your scheduled testing time, make an appointment with our office first then an online registration is required and an online prepayment is optional. NOTE: If you choose to pay on the day of your exam please remember our examiners only accept exact change (S.O.D.E. does NOT accept checks of any kind for a DMV Drive Test.

9.  No refunds will be given for “no shows”, cancellations made within 72 hours (after Wednesday p.m. for Sat. appointments) of scheduled test, or not meeting all above prerequisites.  This includes not having a valid permit or license from another state, lack of verification of current registration, and insurance of vehicle & permit holder at the time of the test.   If there is proof of a valid illness or emergency, a future drive test can be made during our late afternoon “make up” time only upon approval.

10.  Once you have passed your test you will receive a sealed envelope. After you receive the sealed envelope (do not open it) you will need to take it to the DMV. A lost, damaged, opened, or missing Test Completion Certificates earned on the test day will NOT be replaced.

11.  Once at the DMV, the envelope will be accepted. They will issue a license upon receipt of the Certificate of Test completions after the applicant also provides the DMV required proof of:

       Age, Identity, Oregon residency and address, Legal presence in the United States, Verification

       of social security number ant their fees.

Bring ALL documentation along with the Certificate of Test Completion to the DMV to obtain your license.




The fee for testing using your own insured/registered vehicle is $40. 

The fee for testing using S.O.D.E. insured/registered vehicles is $75.

Please note that your testing fee does not include the license fee charged at the D.M.V.


Steps to register for 3rd Party DMV Dive Test with S.O.D.E.

1.  Applicant must meet all terms and conditions listed above.

2.  Schedule a Third Party Drive Test with the S.O.D.E. office by calling 541.499.0132.

3. Fill out online registration form on this S.O.D.E. Third Party Testing page, listed below.

4. Pay online for your test indicating choice of $40 for use with your insured/registered vehicle, or $75 for use of a S.O.D.E. licensed/insured vehicle. Only those who have PAID for a reserved drive test, are guaranteed the time slot. See note above payment options for a different payment option if you do not have a debit/credit card.

5.   Make two copies of instructional permit, with picture I.D. and present to S.O.D.E. examiner on the day of the test.

6.   Be prepared to present liability insurance verification of permit holder, as well as current registration and auto liability insurance (if using personal vehicle.)

7.   Show up at location designated at time of registration for scheduled drive test 10 minutes prior to ensure test begins on time. Wait, if no one is there. There may have been another test before yours that may be taking longer than expected to complete.

8.   Bring all documentation including:  proof of age, identity, legal presence in the United States, verification of social security number, Oregon residency and address along with the Certificate of Test Completion UNOPENED Envelope to the DMV within 30 days to obtain your license.


Schedule your drive test today to

ensure a spot and avoid long wait times!

More information regarding the Oregon DMV Pilot Testing Program can be found at the state website by following this link: 

To set up your Third Party Test, proceed with the following:

1.)  Pass the knowledge and vision screening tests at the DMV office.

2.)  Book your appointment by calling 541-499-0132.

3.)  Once you have a confirmed appointment, fill out the registration below. 

4.)  Pay via Paypal button below ($40 your vehicle or $75 S.O.D.E vehicle) or arrange a different form of payment with our office if you do not have a credit/debit card.

5.)  Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Do not pay for your drive test until you have made a CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT with our office & filled out the necessary registration form above. 

***Note*** If you do not have the ability to pay online via Paypal you can arrange a different form of payment with our office. Please contact us at 541.499.0132 to arrange this option if you do not have a credit/debit card. 

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