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As a parent, you want to make sure your child will have the skills they need to stay safe on the road.  At Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc., we teach teens everything they need to learn.  While teenagers with learner’s permits make up a good portion of our students, our driving school in Medford, OR, also welcomes adults who want to feel more confident behind-the-wheel.  Our desire is to have all of our students gain a lifetime of good driving habits. 

Our instructors provide one-on-one, intensive, personalized behind-the-wheel training for individuals interested in obtaining new skills or rebuilding  skills after an illness or accident.  Our instructors teach risk management and defensive driving skills.



By registering for Southern Oregon Driver Education you will get the Peace of Mind you deserve while your loved one is on the road.  To register for any one of our Oregon DMV Certified and ODOT approved classes please click on the "More" tab below. 

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91% of Oregon teens who are involved in a crash have not had driver education. -ODOT

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