This Package includes:

Defensive Driver Skills Lesson (morning class), & 1 hour in the car - for each employee - in the afternoon with an instructor (30 minutes of in car observation of City/Urban Driving & 30 minutes of behind-the-weel instruction of City/Urban Driving).

This Package includes:

Defensive Driver Skills Lesson (morning class), & 1 hour in the car - for each employee -  in the afternoon with an instructor  (30 minutes of in car observation of Parking Skills & 30 minutes of behind-the-weel instruction of Parking Skills).

Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc.

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Process to Register

1. Discover your options and read our policies and procedures.
2. Contact our office to discuss complete details and questions you may have about the course(s) you are interested in.
3. Fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page - this will act as your binding contract.
4. Confirm with our office and schedule your class and/or drives.

Cancellation Policy: After we receive your registration form contract you will have a 24 hour window of time to cancel.  After the 24 hour time period, if you should choose to cancel for any reason, you will be charged a $150 cancellation fee.

Contact our office for questions & availability!
(541) 499-0132

Standard Options Listed Below

This Package includes:

Defensive Driver Skills Lesson (morning class), & 1 hour in the car - for each employee - in the afternoon with and instructor (30 minutes of in car observation of Rural Driving & 30 minutes of behind-the-weel instruction of Rural Driving).

BTW Package 1:
Rural Driving 

BTW Package 2:
City/Urban Driving 

BTW Package 3:

Additional Options

Behind-the-Wheel Assessment & Training

Perfect for the employer who wants to focus on their employees individual defensive driving needs.

This option will provide each employee with an individual drive assissment in the morning. Those employees who do not pass their drive assessment in the morning will sechedule a one-on-one private lesson with a certified instructor in the afternoon to take bad driving habits and turn them into good driving habits.

*This option does not include any classroom lesson.

Defensive Driver Specialized Course

*Need something specific?

Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc. will create a course tailored to the your employees driving needs.

*indicates an additional fee

Policies & Procedures

Information & Pricing
For more extensive information, package pricing, to discuss what option is best for your company and to discover what is covered in each package please contact us by e-mailing or by calling (541) 499-0132.
We look forward to bringing your company Peace of Mind!

Section 1: Admissions

a. It is the first and necessary requirement for all employees (those who are registered to participate in the defensive driving course with the registering organization) to have an active and valid Class C Driver's Licence.  In addition, each employee of the organization must have any valid and active licence(s) or endorsement(s) which may be required to operate the instruction vehicle (i.e. If your company drives 18 wheelers and we have created a specialized course, each employee being trained will need to hold a valid and active CDL, which also includes a Class C license). If all employed drivers have acquired the proper licence(s) and are currently driving (or will be driving) with your company, then a class can be scheduled. 


Section 2: Registration & Fees

a. After contacting our office to discuss the option that will best serve your employees, please fill out the registration form (below) to sign up for your desired  S.O.D.E. Defensive Driving Corporate Training class and/or behind-the-wheel drives. This form is considered a binding contract.  Employers, please be sure to select the correct class selection within the form by selecting the desired CLASS in the drop down box.  S.O.D.E. will send you a copy of the registration contract form as well as an invoice for the course you’ve selected. Once registered: we will call you to confirm your registration at which time you will select the date(s) of your Class and/or Employee Drives (Courses/Drives are usually scheduled 2-4 week after registration form contract is received).

a(1).* Employers who turn in a registration contract form and then decide to cancel - 24 hours after submitting the contract with Southern Oregon Driver Education will be required to pay a $150 Cancellation Fee. (See Section 3a).  Corporate clients have the option to reschedule their class and/or behind-the-wheel drives one time without an additional fee. S.O.D.E. charges $50 per reschedule beyond the first.


b. All Defensive Driver Skills Lessons include a total of 3 hours of driver training/education.  If an additional package is selected class times vary between 3-5 hours in length.


c. All behind-the-wheel (additional) packages will consist of additional specialized material to the morning class and will include an hour of driving (for 2 employees) in the afternoon.  Drives consist of 30 minutes behind-the-wheel and 30 minutes of observation (See Section 3c).


Section 3: Refunds & Policies

a. IMPORTANT Note: Cancellations are made by contacting the S.O.D.E. office via e-mail: or phone (541) 499-0132 within 24 hours of submitted registration contract form.  To reschedule your class and/or behind-the-wheel drives please contact our office via e-mail.


b. S.O.D.E. does not charge to drive to your desired location unless you are more than a 100 mile radius of the Medford Office. For any corporate clients outside of the 100 mile radius there will be a cost per mile (at current mileage rate of .535 cents per mile) round trip beyond the 100 mile radius. If the instructor should remain in the area, overnight,  it will be the client's responsibility to provide meals and hotel accommodations per instructor needed to complete the contracted job beyond the 100 mile radius due to the number of behind-the-wheel sessions.

c. Employers who require a driving lesson beyond the scheduled drive will need to pay $80/hour per (1) employee for each lesson.

d. S.O.D.E. provides auto insurance coverage for students while driving in S.O.D.E. education vehicles only.


f. Payment Schedule: All registration fees (obtained via invoice from our office) must be paid within 3 business days after 24 hour cancellation period.  Client can choose to pay in full after that time or pay half after 24 hour cancellation period and half upon the arrival of S.O.D.E. at instruction location.  If you should be in a unique circumstance and need more flexibility - payment plans may be arranged by contacting S.O.D.E. office directly (24 hour cancellation fee still applies).  Adjustments to final payments will be taken into consideration for terminated employees and/or employees who have unexpected family emergencies.  Payments are made via cash/check.


Section 4: Reserved Rights & Keys to Teaching the Skills of Driving

a. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  We also reserve the right to refuse behind-the-wheel driving services to anyone who we feel is unsafe to drive with.

b. The Keys to Teaching the Skills of Driving is available in a PDF format.  It is recommended that the organization and its employees read through it prior to the first meeting/class.  The PDF can be found, for purchase, on our Private Lessons page. Please note: a FREE copy of the PDF will be given to the administrator or flee manager upon registering (via binding contract form) to a Defensive Driver Course for your business.

Defensive Driver Registraion Form: 

Corporate/Fleet Defensive Driver Training

Defensive Driver Skills Lesson
Defensive Driver Skills Lesson is a morning class teaching the defensive driving training for your employees.  They will learn the important skills of defensive driving and be tested on their knowledge and retention of good driving habits.

Add one of three packages below and get more!
By adding a defensive driving course below your employees will not only get additional classroom instruction on a specialized topic - they will also receive behind-the-wheel defensive driver training in that specialized area during afternoon instruction!  Additional packages cannot be purchased without Defensive Driver Skills Lesson.