Bob is the founder of S.O.D.E. and has been an educator of driving instruction for over 25 years.  He was a certified public school teacher with twenty years of experience and recently retired in order to place all of his focus on Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc.  Bob is committed to the instruction of youth and adults to ensure our roads are safe and drivers have a lifetime of crash-free driving.  He enjoys working with our youth and thrives on their success.


Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc.

Peace of Mind!

Bob Jones ::: Owner, Senior Instructor & Training Instructor

Meet Our Educators, Instructors & Staff

Helen Jones ::: Owner, Administrator & Instructor

Helen has the heart of a teacher and is passionate about educating our teens and keeping them safe on the roads.  She is currently serving a 3 year term on the Driver Education Advisory Committee for ODOT - Traffic Safety Division.  Prior to teaching driver education, she was a certified middle school teacher.  In addition, she has been a swim instructor for 30+ years.  When not teaching she enjoys hiking and exploring with her husband, 8 daughters and their families.

Amanda Boster ::: Instructor

Amanda is a proud mom of 3 teenage boys who have kept her very busy.  However, with one in college and 2 right behind, her mom "responsibilities" are decreasing.  She has been teaching PE and coaching since 1995 and has been teaching in Medford since 2005.  She enjoys observing teens learn and become successful at new skills. She believes driving is one of the most important skills we teach our kids.  Amanda is very excited to join the S.O.D.E. team and help more students be confident, safe drivers not only for themselves but for others around them. 

Travis Dick ::: Instructor

Originally from Southern California, Tania is pursuing a life long call to teaching. Having worked in the dental field for seven years, she enjoys interacting with all types of people. She truly enjoys history and world cultures. Tania continues to further her education in the field of Communications, hoping to teach at a college level in the future. After five years in the Rogue Valley, Tania is excited and enthused to start a new chapter in her career, feeling privileged to be in a position where she can make a positive impact by promoting good driving habits for all our communities.

Lorenzo is a unique and passionate young man with a go-getter spirit to match.  He has one year of Logistics Education at the University of Anchorage Alaska and has started his own part-time delivery business in Medford, OR.  He has a natural gift for teaching and enjoys helping others.  This is his first chance in a professional teaching setting, but with his amount of confidence he is sure he will prove his self-worth and make S.O.D.E. proud.

Tim grew up in the Rogue Valley and has been in the field of education for 26 years, both as a teacher and an administrator.  He got his first taste of driver education working in Roseburg in the 1990's and has always been interested in teaching students how to be safe drivers.  He is excited to be a part of the S.O.D.E. team of excellent instructors and to be providing a meaningful and engaging curriculum to students. 

Whitney has been with Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc. for the past 3 years.  She enjoys assisting Helen Jones to ensure the business is succeeding while the educators & behind-the-wheel instructors are out on the road.  While assisting Helen, she updates the website, communicates wtih employees, conducts new employee interviews and manages projects given to her.  She is passionate about her job and the team she is a part of.  Whitney has a Masters in Theology and is now focusing on her family as she continues with S.O.D.E.

Nichole is a native to the Rogue Valley, a 1991 graduate of Eagle Point.  She comes with experience on the road as a Commercial Truck Driver & Trainer for Werner for several years.  Nichole was also a Truck boss, Operator, Dispatcher & FF1 Firefighter of a type 6 Wild Land Fire Truck, along side her husband and oldest children.  Nichole enjoys being a wife, mother, grandma and a licensed Zumba Instructor.  She is co-founder of Fill a Truck for Hunger/Warmth Charity.  Nichole is happy to be office assistant to Helen Jones where she enjoys coming to work to help put safe drivers on the road.  Her passions are for her family, Zumba, & helping others to achieve success in life.

Nichole Shaw ::: Office Assistant

Whitney Godfrey ::: Administrative Assistant

Office Staff

Tim Rupp ::: Instructor

Lorenzo Ridley ::: Instructor

Doug has taught high school math and science for almost 20 years.  He began his career in southern California before moving with his wife and four children to the Rogue Valley in 2007.  He has always enjoyed working with teens and is excited to have been with the S.O.D.E. family since Fall 2014.

Cody is currently studying at Rogue Community College.  He is studying to obtain a major in English with a minor in Psychology.  His aspirations are to become a teacher and excited to teach with S.O.D.E.!  When Cody has free time, he enjoys writing and anything pertaining to food.  He believes that no one ever stops learning. 

Cody Calbreath-Larson ::: Instructor

PJ Happeny ::: Instructor

PJ has lived in the Rogue Valley since 1991.  She has been an educator for 28 years, with a background in special education and elementary and high school counseling.  PJ is an education counselor at South Medford High School.  She has a passion for working with teens and has been at South for 15 years.  PJ has been involved in driver education since Fall 2012 and has enjoyed teaching students how to be safe behind the wheel.

Tania Camacho-Perez ::: Instructor

Travis has taught middle school math for over 20 years in the Rogue Valley. He started at Eagle Point Middle School in 1998 and has been at Hedrick since 2005. Working with teens has always been enjoyable for him. He enjoys teaching teens safe driving techniques in S.O.D.E.'s classroom

Doug Reed ::: Instructor