Section 1: Admissions

a. The first step for a beginning driver is to acquire the instruction (learner's) permit from the DMV.  Once the beginning driver has acquired their permit then a class can be scheduled. 

Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc.

Section 2: Registration & Fees

a.  Below you will find Driver ED registration forms to sign up for S.O.D.E. driving instruction classes.  You  can  select from the 15-17 year old registration or Adults 18+.  Students, please select the correct form, select the desired CLASS in the box, and complete all requested information. 

 a(1).*   Students who turn 18 years old before the conclusion of the class will be required to pay $610. (See Section 3a)

b.   All classes include a total of 42 hours of driver training/education (30 classroom hours & 12 hours behind-the-wheel.)  Typically, there are two students and an instructor in a vehicle for behind-the-wheel instruction.  The scheduling of the  behind-the-wheel lessons will be done during the first or second day in class when they will sign up for a weekly time with a class partner.   

c.  All class fees need to be paid on or before the mandatory Parent Participation/Information meeting.  Payment plans may be arranged by contacting S.O.D.E directly. 

d.  After submitting registration, click on the appropriate pay now button below the section of forms.  Select from the appropriate fee/description that pertains to you.  When credit card user name is different than the last name of the student, please indicate on the online registration form. 

e.   IMPORTANT: New registrations will NOT BE ACCEPTED once class for any given session begins.

Section 3: Refunds & Policies

a. Students who register as a 15-17 y.o. and turn 18 y.o. prior to successfully completing their final written exam and their 6th and final drive will incur a fee of $210. 

b. Parents or guardians agree to pay a fee of $210 if a student (15-17 years old) obtains their license on their own prior to the completion of all classes and behind-the-wheel drive lessons.  

 c. If students do not attend a drive and do not notify instructors within 24 hours of their scheduled drive there will be a $25 cancellation fee.

 d. Students who require a driving lesson beyond the six drives included in the course will need to pay $80/hour for each required lesson. 

e. S.O.D.E. provides auto insurance coverage for students while driving in education vehicles only.  The student is required to drive at least 5 additional hours outside of class with a parent/guardian who has insurance coverage on his/her personal vehicle during the course.

 f. If a student withdraws before the 2nd consecutive class in the session, the class fee is 100% refundable.  Refunds will not be granted for "dropping" the class after the 2nd consecutive class.  Suspension, expulsion, or failing the class for any reason will result in fee forfeiture.

g. Students who fail the course initially are required to pay the $610 registration fee in order to repeat the course.

h. Unless other arrangements are made at the time of registration, S.O.D.E. requires all students who register for a session to complete the course work for that session by the time the following session is completed.  Ex. If enrolled in Spring Session, must be complete by the end of the first Summer Session.

i. The student is required to pass their drive assessment within 30 days after their 6th and final lesson behind-the-wheel.  If there is a need for a drive assessment after the 30 day period, there will be a $40 charge for each additional drive assessment needed.  The student is required to complete their final drive assessment within 60 days of their original drive assessment. If there is an extreme situation that would prevent a drive assessment completion wtihin 60 days, please contact our office as soon as the situation occurs so our office can make arrangements for you. 

j. A Summer Driver Education Course shall not be completed in fewer than 35 days.

k. As a "refresher" all students who have successfully completed S.O.D.E.'s ODOT approved driver education course are permitted to attend any later classroom portion at NO CHARGE.  

Section 4: Keys to Teaching the Skills of Driving

a. Each parent/guardian will receive a (one) copy of The Keys to Teaching the Skills of Driving.  It is recommended that parents/guardians print and read through it.  At the first parent meeting a copy will be given to you and an instructor will review the document wtih you. 

If you are not registered for a S.O.D.E. class but would like the PDF you can purchase the a copy - The Keys to Teaching Skills of Driving - by clicking on the PayPal button to the left of your screen.  Once a payment is processed through PayPal you will receive a copy via e-mail.

See all Services & Fees at the bottom of this page.

Note: all fees and charges will be collected below via PayPal (on the registration page) or with cash/check at the parent meeting.

Oregon State Driver Education

15-17y.o. - $400.00

18+y.o. - $610.00

15-17y.o. with Scholarship - $325.00

Additional Fees for Above Categories

Additional Drive Lesson beyond the 6 behind-the-wheel lessons included in the course - $80/hr

Re-Assessment (30 days beyond 6th drive) - $40.00/ea

Late Cancellation (less than 24 hours) or Missed BTW drive - $25/ scheduled drive 

Any 17y.o. who turns 18y.o. before the class completion and/or 15-17y.o. who obtains their license before class completion: $210
Explanation: Any 15-17y.o. registered student who turns 18y.o. before the conclusion of the class and/or any 15-17y.o. who obtians thier license before the completion of the class will be required to pay the $610 18y.o. registration fee and will be charged an additional $210 before a final assessment will be given).  For any questions regarding additional fees please contact our office, thank you.

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Services & Fees 

91% of Oregon teens who are involved in a crash have not had driver education. -ODOT